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We have got a few photos of the Grand View Cemetery up on the website that we have gotten from Tandy Cook who was very nice to send them to us. Thank you for your help. To view the headstone we do have in this cemetery and others please go to http://www.headstonesgenealogy.com/search.php We all hope this will help you find what you need.


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We have added some photos that were given to us by Floyd to our data base of the Historic Wilmington Cemetery in California. We hope these help you in your search and want to thank Floyd very much for donating them to us for the site.

To see if what you need is up go to http://www.headstonesgenealogy.com/search.php

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All Free Library of Philadelphia Branch, Regional and Central Libraries Closed Effective Close of Business October 2, 2009

for all other details go to http://libwww.freelibrary.org/closing/

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Check out HeadStones Genealogy up dates for August by going too http://www.headstonesgenealogy.com/blog.php

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We have been adding more names to our data base again we just got done putting in over 300 names this last week and are still adding. But we have some new Surnames we would like to let you know about that we have added. And there is even more then what we have added here this is just a list of a few of them.

Maner    Maness     McBee    McNair     McReynolds    Pangle    Messick   Pennewill   Pendergrasss   Piercy    Newberry

We hope this helps!!   To see if we got what you need please go to http://www.headstonesgenealogy.com/search.php

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Well we got more surnames up on the site and here are some of them

Blanken       Bibbins        Breeding        Breedlove      Flack      Geisman      Grogan       Haag       Hair        Hatmaker

Remember this is just a few and we keep adding new names to see if we got what you need just go to http://www.headstonesgenealogy.com/search.php

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It looks as if a nother Cemetery is doing somthing they should not do.

Human Bone Found on Ground at Chicago-Area Cemetery



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